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PRO Services in Dubai


We believe that every business investor should have the opportunity to quickly and effectively be able to get their business up and running in the shortest possible time frame with minimal effort on their part. PRO24 has an expert team that can take care of all your Business Setup, PRO Services in Dubai, VISA, and many other customized services. We provide Case to Case services, Project services, and Yearly Service contracts.


Pro 24 Business Solutions Offers Tailored PRO solutions to meet your Business Needs. You Run your Business we will run your PRO Services. We offer all associated PRO Services. We have more than a decade of experience sorting out Corporate Pro Services. 

Our Concept is to make every customer’s experience a positive one that they will remember and talk to others about out services.


Every Company needs PRO Services these days, PRO Services are also known as Public Relations Officers. PRO Services handles tasks like Visa applications, Labour Cards, Ejari, and company Licenses from the Government. PRO 24 Business Solutions can help you manage these services at Fair and Reasonable Prices.


  • Resident & Employee Visa
  • Dubai Business Setup
  • DED License
  • DWC License
  • Attestation Services
  • Investor Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Golden Visa
  • Labour & Immigration Card
  • Company & Branch Formation
  • Off Shore & Mainland Company Setup
  • DMCC Free Zone License
  • License Renewal & Updates
  • Documents Clearing Services


At PRO 24 Business Solutions we focus on Customer Service & Satisfaction which makes us stand out in PRO Business in Dubai. We offer Fair Quotes with Reasonable Pricing and ensure in maintaining long-term Working relationships with our Clients.

We are well aware of local regulations and laws, We make sure our clients have a hassle-free service in carrying out their tasks smoothly. We can help your first company and if you have one we shall help you out to run PRO Services.


With Pro24, irrespective of your immigration purpose, we assist you throughout the Dubai immigration process for both individuals and Families.


Register your products with Pro24. You can register both cosmetic and food products with us. Our product registration services cover all the import, export products and services that come under Dubai cooperation.


With Pro24, irrespective of your immigration purpose, we assist you throughout the Dubai immigration process for both individuals and families.

Business Center EJARI

Being the experts in business setups, you can rely on us if you are looking to build a virtual office/ EJARI. Providing a physical address, a space, contact details, business sustainability contact are some of our services.

Documentation Translation & Notarization Services

With a team of professional ATA certified translators, we provide notarized translation services. We take care of official documents, contracts and all kinds of applications that require validation.

Trademark Registration

To obtain complete protection and to stay unique issue trademark registration that can secure your brand name, icon slogan and more.


Pro service offer numerous benefits for businesses looking to conduct their business operations smoothly and ensure compliance. Firstly, they provide expert guidance through complex processes such as company formation, licensing, and documentation clearing, saving time and effort. Additionally, pro services offer insights into local regulations, eliminating the risk of legal issues and penalties in smooth running of business. They also facilitate access to professional networks and government agencies, fostering smoother business interactions. With pro services, businesses can focus on their core activities while assigning the administrative tasks to experienced professionals, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced stress, and greater peace of mind.

Our professional visa processing team can assist you in all your visa queries. We take care of all the paper work and legal procedures in handling immigration and Dubai employee visa paper work. Our team of experts handles everything, from application submission to follow-up, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Be it a work permit, or residency application, we have got enough the experience and know-how to get it done right. PRO24 has solutions to all your visa processing issues.

We at PRO24 Services offer annual PRO services contract for our clients, ensuring their smooth business operations, we handle all their Public relation Officer task. PRO24 liason with all the legal and Government departments on their behalf be it immigration department, Dubai Economic Development Department. Our clients outsource pro services to our firm trusting us as experienced consultants.

  • For businesses in Dubai, outsourcing Public Relations Officer (PRO) tasks can be beneficial. Third-party firms specializing in PR services offer expertise in dealing with local regulations, managing government relations, and handling paperwork efficiently. This frees up valuable time and resources for core business functions. Additionally, these firms often have established networks and relationships, facilitating smoother processes with government agencies. However, careful consideration of costs versus benefits is essential. However at PRO24 we have team of seasoned PRO Professionals who are experts in immigration laws, visa stamping procedures, and legal procedures who can guide you smoothly even in a complex scenarios. Outsourcing pro services in Dubai can help you focus more towards business operations.