Sharjah Business setup

Business setup Sharjah

Business Setup in Sharjah Mainland or Free zone

Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates most diverse and culturally wealthy emirates, offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their business. With its excellent location, competitive business environment, and friendly government policies, Sharjah is increasingly becoming the favorite destination for business startups.

Sharjah Mainland Business Setup

Like other emirates in UAE, Sharjah has come with plans to encourage foreign direct investment through Sharjah Economic Development (SEDD). They proposed 100% Ownership for investor for onshore companies.  This policy proposes any commercial or industrial company operating in Sharjah can be owned 100% by foreign investors.

This business friendly and welcoming policy of Sharjah government will make the investor journey into emirates easier as they can own 100% of the share without any local sponsorship.

Free Zones for Business setup in sharjah

Hamriyah Free Zone

 Hamriyah Free zone Allows Foreign nationals to setup business with 100% Ownership , other advantages include 100% repatriation of capital and profits with corporate tax holiday for a period of 50 years.

Investor or Entrepreneur can setup two types of establishments with Hamriyah Free Zone depending on partnership company and shareholding pattern

1.  Free zone Establishment (F.Z.E) with only on stake holder

2.  Free zone company (F.Z.C) up to 5 shareholders.

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)

Since its inception in 1995, the SAIF Zone has developed into one of the UAE’s most distinguished commercial hubs, housing over 4,500 businesses from across the globe. It’s a preferred spot for industrial, commercial, and professional entities seeking a prosperous business setup in Sharjah.

 Sharjah Media City (SHAMS)

Sharjah Media city established as a Media centre  for innovation. Its commonly called as SHAMS. It Issues a business license to to all the businesses involved in media and other activities with more focus on media activities. Its best free zone of freelancers and startups.

 Sharjah Publishing City

Its operated by the UAE Ministry of of Economy, It’s a distinguished free zone for publishing & Printing industries, offering vast office spaces and business licenses.

 Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI)

SRTI Park was established to bridge gap between innovation incubators and market places. SRTI aims at creating modern and  world-class facilities for technology services.

 U.S.A. Regional Trade Center (USARTC)

 Launched to bolster Sharjah’s position as an international trade nexus, the USARTC Free Zone offers small and medium-sized enterprises a platform to expand their reach into the  Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

1. Understanding Sharjah's Business Landscape

1.1. Economic Overview and Sectors of Opportunity

Sharjah’s economy is as diverse as its culture. Traditionally, it has been a hub for businesses specializing in manufacturing, professional services, and tourism. However, in recent years, sectors like information technology, environmental technology, Artificial Intelligence and healthcare have emerged as high-growth opportunities. The government’s push towards innovation and sustainability has opened many doors for entrepreneurs. High-growth industries to watch are renewable energy, logistics, cultural industries.

1.2. Legal and Regulatory Framework

 Setting up a business in Sharjah means navigating its legal and regulatory landscape. Thankfully, the business friendly policy have made business setup process in sharjah much easier. There are free zones that offer 100% foreign ownership and zero taxes, No more requirements to find a local sponsor for certain business activities alongside mainland setups that allow for a broader engagement with the local market. Be mindful of selecting the right business jurisdiction (free zone vs mainland) to align with your business needs.

 1.3. The Benefits of Starting a Business in Sharjah

Sharjah offers plenty of advantages such as access to global markets through its world-class ports and airports. Additionally, the government’s supportive policies and incentives for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make it an attractive place to establish a business. Main reasons for choosing company formation in sharjah is Low startup cost, strategic location to major markets, and business friendly environment for innovation.

 2. Planning Your Sharjah Business Setup

  2.1. Developing a Business Plan

A clear and compelling business plan is your first step towards success. It should clearly focused towards your business idea, market analysis, operational strategy, and financial projections.A well structured and documented plan with feasibility study business plan always attract investors and guide your journey.

 2.2. Financing Your Venture

 Financing is a crucial component of entire process of starting your sharjah business setup. Sharjah Mainland company & Free zones offers a variety of financing options, including bank loans, government funds, and angel investors. Start by assessing your initial capital requirement and explore matching options.

 2.3. Selecting a Business Structure

Before you start your business setup please make sure to pay attention to which form you would be interested in considering the future expansion from sole proprietorships to limited liability companies, Sharjah offers a variety of business structures. Your choice will affect your liability, tax obligations, and capacity to grow.

3. Setting Up Your Business

 3.1. Business Registration and Licensing

The process of business registration and licensing is straightforward. You shall begin by submitting your business plan to the relevant authorities be it Free zone or mainland business license, choosing your business structure, and applying for the necessary business licenses procedures. You need to be specific about different trade license ranging from commercial trade license to professional license. There are certain official guidelines should be followed to ensure compliance and avoid any hassles.

 3.2. Finding the Ideal Location

The Ideal location for your business activities, depends on your business needs & target market criteria. Sharjah has a lot to offer for every business activity considering the way its flourishing to attract different market participants. The main key factors to consider are customer accessibility, cost, and the potential for growth.

 3.3. Hiring and Building Your Team

 A successful business does not build without a strong dedicated team. There is good amount workforce in sharjah is diverse and skilled, but it’s important to understand the employment laws and cultural background when hiring to keep a balanced and highly dedicated team. Should make sure to hire candidates with right skills and good fit for your company overall culture and productive manpower always steers company to its desired growth.

  4. Operating Your Business in Sharjah

 4.1. Marketing and Customer Acquisition

 In today’s highly competitive market dynamics, effective online marketing strategies combined with customer need oriented products and services are key to acquiring customers. Social media, SEO, and content marketing can help raise awareness and build your brand. Always focus on building a strong online presence and engage with your audience.

 4.2. Navigating Challenges and Risks

 Every startup faces challenges. In Sharjah business setup, these could range from legal hurdles to market competition. Having a risk management strategy is crucial. Anticipate and be ready for possible challenges and plan accordingly.

 4.3. Scaling Your Business

As your business grows, consider how to scale operations without compromising quality or customer service. This might involve automating processes, hiring more staff, or expanding your offerings. Always have a growth mindset and always Stay flexible and ready to adapt to new opportunities.

 5. Additional Resources and Support

 5.1. Governmental and Private Support Services

 Sharjah offers a variety of resources and community awareness programs from various governmental agencies, free zones for entrepreneurs, and foreign investors, including business incubators, accelerators, and networking events sponsored by governmental and private organizations These resources can provide valuable guidance and support.

 5.2. Ongoing Learning and Development

 Never stop learning. Sharjah hosts numerous workshops, seminars, and courses aimed at entrepreneurs looking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Continuous education is key to staying ahead.

 5.3. Leveraging Technology for Business Success

 Technology can play a huge role in managing and growing your business. From project management tools to AI, staying informed about the latest tech trends can give you an edge. Please be aware of recent industry trends and technology to automate operations and innovate them.

Finally things to know for your dream business

Starting a business in Sharjah is an exciting venture filled with opportunities for growth and success. This few guidelines should help you in understanding the complex business setup process and to make you aware of crucial steps and considerations for establishing your business in Sharjah. Thorough understanding of sharjah business setup process and dynamics make operating and scaling your business easy. We tried to educated you through this article.

Begin your business journey in Sharjah with confidence, knowing you have a solid ground for turning innovative ideas into prosperous business ventures. The path ahead is bright, and your company formatio and business setup in Sharjahh could very well be the launching pad for your entrepreneurial dreams.


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The first step is understanding the company or business entities liabilities and the market and crafting a comprehensive business plan.

The time can vary, but generally, it takes a few days to weeks to obtain approval complete all the required documents and licensing process, provided all documents are in order as per respective busi and professional license requirements.

Renewable energy, logistics, medical services, and cultural industries, and Artificial Intelligence are among the most promising sectors.

  • Yes, expatriates can own businesses in Sharjah, whether its a mainland or in free zones, where they can have 100% ownership of partnership company.

Common challenges include understanding the business requirements, business setup consultants and competition. These can be overcome with thorough research, planning, and utilizing the available support resources and thorough understanding of the business being setup.

  1. Comprehensive Business Plan

  2. A Memorandum of Association (MOA)

  3. Articles of Association (AOA)

  4. Passport Copies of shareholders and Manager with Unified number

  5. Office Leasing Agreement

Sole proprietorship

Limited liability company

Partnership company

Branch companies

  1. Industrial license

  2. Professional license

  3. Trade license

  4. Commercial license