Our business services help clients take advantage of attractive opportunities available in UAE while equipping them with up to date informations as regards the business environment in the UAE as lack of adequate knowledege is detrimental to upcoming business

At pro24 we work efficiently and methodologically in developing innovative business models, handling legal transactions, while prioritizing building a close relationship with our clientele

our team

Our team of knowledgeable, highly qualified and experienced professionals can aid in fast-tracking processes by engaging the right authorities for quick approval of relevant documents, and this is possible due to our vast network and understanding of local laws and the right due process to follow through.


Our Mission is to add value and support to our “business partners”,while incorporating technology and management to create the right solutions for our clients.

PRO24 Business Consulting Group and all its affiliated members are a united network that makes a powerful impact locally also ensuring that the experience of working together is professional yet so memorable


Commissioning our expertise and network guarantees an obtainability of tenancy contracts, employees visas, trade license renewals, government ministries approvals, business names or address changes, removal or inclusion of activities without incurring you any penalties thereby saving you 40% in managements costs and a very timely acquisition process.

Client's Feedback

Alliance Inv.
"My experiences with PRO24 are very satisfactory. PRO24 is efficient, on the ball, knowledgeable and well connected. The services provided are of a high standard and the staff is very pleasant to work with. as such, I would highly recommend pro24 to anyone in need of pro services."

Greystone Trading

"I really found your website amazing. Can i have more details."

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